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Chimborazo - in the footsteps of Alexander von Humboldt.

Development of a sustainable Destination Chimborazo

The delveloPPP project "Development of a sustainable tourist destination Chimborazo Ecuador" consists of a consortium of Ventura Travel and KATE. 

Project duration: 2019 - 2021

In general, the project aims at promoting the community-based marketing of the sustainable tourism destination "Chimborazo Nature Reserve" in Ecuador. Ecuador with its "Cuatro Mundos" Amazon region, Andes, coast and Galapagos Islands has traditionally been an important tourist destination. Especially the nature reserve Chimborazo has an enormous potential in this context. It is a central place where almost all tourist groups travelling through Ecuador pass by. The almost 6,300 metre high inactive Chimborazo volcano not only inspired European natural scientists such as Alexander von Humboldt or Edward Whymper in the past, but also numerous scientists and tourists today. In addition to the Vicuña herds (an alpaca species), many indigenous communities with their traditions and cultural customs live in the national park around Chimborazo.


Community-based tourism, especially in this region, offers the opportunity to make contact with the local population at eye level and to experience authentic insights into life, land, tradition and culture.

Aims of the Project

The aim of the project is to establish a community and tourism network that develops sustainable tourism products with local and European tour operators such as Ventura and markets them via a booking portal. The sustainable destination development of the Chimborazo region and the development / marketing of sustainable communities via the booking portal are the two "core elements" of the project. The booking portal should be aimed at travellers and offer direct booking options, e.g. for sustainable accommodation and other tourism products.

Planned project results & current progress

Paramo Gras und Chimborazo - Thomas Jung

Sustainable destination management

  • Development of a destination management system for the Chimborazo Nature Reserve

  • Appointment of the Destination Manager from the Ministry of Environment in Ecuador

  • Establishment of the Sustainability Council 

  • The determination of destination boundaries and the decision of the participating communities are currently in the process of being made

  • Workshops for the development of a common mission statement and action plan as destination strategy 

Development of sustainable tourism products 

Together with the European tour operator Ventura and other tour operators, the community and business network of the destination Chimborazo is currently developing new and high-quality sustainable tourism offers in the destination. For example, the following product ideas are currently in the process of being developed: Construction of a second access road to the volcanic mountain Chimborazo including a refuge in another province, development of a Vicuña route, etc.

Image by Adrian Dascal
Die Natur genießen

Development of a booking portal for sustainable tourism products

  • The content of the booking portal has been largely implemented: The aim is to present the booking portal at the ITB (leading trade fair of the international tourism industry). 

  • International marketing and positioning of the destination Chimborazo is to be achieved via the booking portal as a sales platform for sustainable destinations and community tourism.

Increasing local value creation in the Chimborazo Nature Reserve

Generation of additional sources of income from tourism for the participating communities.

nature-765655_1920 - Pixabay.jpg

Participating Project Actors

The activities of the project are coordinated by KATE and Ventura Travel.

The Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) supports the project financially.


Your contact persons for the project Sustainable Destination Chimborazo

Günter Koschwitz

Project coordinator

+49 711 248397 - 10



Janina Rapp

Project manager

+49 711 248397 - 19


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