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Start the Change!

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Start the Change! Project

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Project duration: 2017-2020

"Start the Change!" (STC) is a 3-year global education project co-funded by the European Commission and implemented in the 12 countries Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia and Malta.

“Start the Change!" aims to raise European citizens’ awareness of the importance of a joint effort to contribute to ending poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring peace and prosperity for all, as stated in the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations.

With the collaboration of teachers and educators, "Start the Change!" proposes a replicable educational model to increase the engagement of students and young people within their communities. At the same time the project aims to strengthen networks among schools, organisations and local authorities.

The proposed “citizenship paths” invite young people aged 15 to 24 to explore the reality in which they live to reflect on the relationship between migration and global inequality as well as to actively participate in starting the change and supporting sustainable development.


The Project in a nutshell

Three years of activities, dozens of teachers and educators involved, hundreds of Change Makers active all across Europe. That is Start the Change!


Enjoy the video showing the outcome of the project in a nutshell:

Our resources


Resources for young people

"8 steps to be a Changemaker" Guide

Do you want to make the world a better place? You can!


Find how with our 8-steps guide to help you make “the change you wish to see in the world”!

You can find the guide "8 steps to becoming a changemaker" online at the Start the Change! - Website.

Resources for young people

Carta di Lampedusa

Carta di Lampedusa is the document, drafted by the Change Makers, that summarizes the identity and the action plans of dozens of young people involved in Start the Change project!

A video on the Carta di Lampedusa can be found online at the Start the Change-YouTube Channel.

Alternatively, you can download the Carta di Lampedusa here.

Image by Danielle Rice

Resources for young people


A map to find people who could support you in becoming a Change Maker for sustainable development, justice and inclusion.


Zoom in your town and choose the SDGs you are interested in, or migration, or both.

You can find the CSO map online at the Start the Change! - Website.

Resources for Teachers

Manual for Teachers and Educators

A handbook to support teachers and educators in implementing the educational model of Start the Change, enhancing their knowledge on SDGs, global inequalities and migration issues, deepening methodologies and inspiring their activities with students.

You can download the Manual for Teachers and Educators here.

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Lehrer mit Schülern

Resources for Teachers

TEACH THE CHANGE! -8 Steps to be a Global Teacher

45 teachers from across Europe met in Malta in November 2018. They drew on their combined experiences to reflect on the main challenges in developing educational activities on global issues and with a particular focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and migration. This publication describes the 8 steps to be a global teacher.

A video on Teach the Change can be found online at the Start the Change-YouTube Kanal.

Alternatively, you can download the Teach the Change Manual here.

Your contact person for Start the Change!


Janina Rapp

Project manager

+49 711 248397 - 19


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