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This is what we're passionate about.

Our Mission Statement

Naturally Fair 


Out of conviction, we stand up for a fairer world. We regard the consistent implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the basis for peace and justice.

Simply Better Living

We are passionately committed to ambitious environmental protection and international climate justice. We are working on achieving a resource-light lifestyle that brings happiness and quality of life without excessive material growth. We focus on sufficiency and do not want to lead a life at the expense of others.

Erde in der Hand
Intercultural Fair Change


We are a learning company and support our business partners within intercultural dialogue by sensitising them to radical democratic change and a new social contract. As citizens of the world, we participate globally in building a better and more sustainable society.

Acting in Solidarity


We live a life of cooperation and solidarity and overcome competition and ruthlessness. We work in a manner that is customer-oriented, self-responsible and innovative. As a company we focus on the common good and continuously improve our quality and effectiveness. We are sensitive to the requirements of our business partners and stakeholders; to this end, we regularly evaluate our performance.

Workshop in Arbeit
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