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Environmental inspection

Evaluation for cost saving and efficiency increase

Then you can carry out an environmental inspection together with us

An environmental inspection is a thorough yet simple method to systematically record and evaluate the current environmental or energy situation of your company.


In this context, we are also happy to help you raise awareness and train your employees for the relevant topics.

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Step 1

Joint inspection of your premises with a guided group.

Step 2

Identification of energy consumers and power guzzlers, waste sources, material consumption, water use, etc.

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Step 3

Documentation of all results.

Step 4

Derivation of an action plan to increase your performance and cost savings.

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Your contact persons for community-based tourism

Günter Koschwitz

Project coordinator

+49 711 248397 - 11



Janina Rapp

Project manager

+49 711 248397 - 21


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