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For the love of nature.

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About KATE

We are a non-profit consulting and educational organisation for sustainable business, global justice and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

For more than 20 years, we have been taking action in environmental and development policy for sustainable economies and lifestyles in cooperation with companies, churches and the social economy. We work in international networks for a globalisation of solidarity.

Core elements of our work 

Festival Crowd

Awareness Raising

We encourage people to understand the relationship between individual responsibility and global sustainability.

Social Profit

As a non-profit organisation, we focus on the common good and contribute to a fairer world.

Minimalist Treppe

From Knowledge to Action

Through practical learning, our business partners discover strategic problem solutions and ways to implement them.


We motivate people to use their creative scope and support them in their own power for change.


Systemic Change 

With holistic approaches, we systematically ensure long-term and efficient results.

Sustainability at KATE

Not only are our demands on others high, but the standards for our own actions are also set accordingly. Sustainability is therefore not a buzzword for us, but a company principle anchored in the long term and that we live by in our everyday lives.


We stand for a practical consulting approach based on many years of experience and see ourselves as pioneers and co-creators of sustainable living and working in our society.

We have been validated in accordance with the EMASplus sustainability management system since 2004. With re-validation in summer 2018, we have once again committed ourselves to face the challenges of the revised EMASplus guidelines. In this way, we continue to advocate for strong environmental, social and economic performance. In order to implement the sustainability strategy, there are responsibilities and defined processes. This inevitably means that every employee must participate in the implementation of the strategy.

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